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B Tutorial is dedicated to those who want to get blogging tutorials and useful information about sites, products, services, and any other thing on the web.


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·  Average Page View per day : 3,200+
·  Google Page Rank : 5
·  Alexa Rank : 25.063 ( see details )
·  Subscriber via feedburner : 2400+
·  Subcriber via feedblitz : 90+
·  Follower via Google connect : 950+

Advertising Packets

Text Links

· Price: $50 per month
· Available: 10
· Description: The text link ads will be put on the right sidebar as the do-follow links, and will be displayed on every page with no random. The text link ads should be a minimum of 30 Days/1 month.

Banners 300X250

· Price: $50 per month
· Available: 1 slots
· Description : Banner will be put on the top right column with do-follow outbound links, and will be displayed on every page with no random. The banner ads should be ordered at least 1 month/30 days.

Sponsored Reviews

Price: $50 per post
Description: A well-written, honest review of your website will be posted on BlogsotTutorial. The review may contain a maximum of three outbound links. It will stay on the headline section for a minimum of 24 hours.  

Notes : The prices is subject to change without prior notice, except for those whose ads are on display.

Terms and Conditions

The contents of ads should be NO porn, flam, provocation, humiliation (to any Race, Religion, Ethnics, and Group), and anything violating the law.

The contents of ads are entirely the responsibility of the advertisers, and Blogspottutorial is not responsible for criticism or demands on the contents of ads. The banner ads will be created by the advertisers.


The payment can be sent via Paypal.


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