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How To Change Domain Name Servers

How To Change Domain Name Servers

domain name servers
How To Change Domain Name Servers - One thing you should remember that is a domain with webhosting are two different things, but both are interrelated and they must have if you make a website or blog using wordpress.

Buying a domain and webhosting services may differ. For example, if you buy a domain at, and etc, you may purchase another webhosting provider, for example;,, and etc.

The Questions that may arise from you is how to keep the domain and web hosting can be connected to each other? Domain and webhosting are connected to each other by pointing the name Servers with IP address of your webhosting.

Name Server Information

If you purchase a webhosting package on the Internet, for example buying a hosting package at HostGator, then generally you will get webhosting IP address ( Name servers) via email. Example:

domain name server

From the  above example, Name Server (NS) which you must enter the Name Server settings in your domain control are:


How To Change Domain Name Server

If you buy a domain, then you should get a control domain. To access the domain control, please ask to the domain seller where you bought the domain because the sellers are different each another. And remember! Domain control with one another usually different so there is no specific benchmark, the important thing is you know where to change the Name servers.

Changing the Name Servers on

One of the leading domain seller is, so here are how to change the domain name servers at

  1. I asumme you are already have an account and a domain at GoDaddy.
  2. Please go to and login to your account.
  3. Click the My Account menu, which is on the right top.
  4. Click the Launch button that corresponds to the Domain

    launch domain on godaddy

  5. Click on the domain name that you want to change its Name Servers.

    godaddy domain name

  6. Click the Set Nameservers.

    set name servers on godaddy

  7. Will appear Server Name field. Fill in Nameserver 1 with NS1, for example: Fill Nameserver 2 with NS2, for example:

    edit name servers on godaddy

  8. Click OK.
  9. Done.

Generally, need several time to connect domain and webhosting after name server pointing (set name servers). Please wait 1 – 24 hours

That’s wordpress tutorial about How To Change Domain Name Servers, may be useful.

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