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Fix Broken Links in Your Blog

Fix Broken Links in Your Blog

broken link Fix Broken Links in Your Blog - I think you have known about Link that is available in your site or blog. It is where the URL address is located towards a webpage or website. According to the SEO experts, the link is closely related to SERP such as Google, etc. Many webmasters should spend tens of dollars even hundreds of dollars just to get the links from the best ranked websites.

In addition, you may have heard or known the term of Broken Link or Dead Link, right? If not, let’s know a little about it. Broken Link or Dead Link is a link that does not have its function anymore as the webpage or website linked there is no longer available for a reason, whether removed by the owner or changed to another one. For example, Kang Rohman once explained about creating and storing favicon to yahoo geocities, but along the time went by, apparently, Yahoo Geocities now has been closed, thereby the link towards the Favicon address is no longer available, or we can say it is a Broken link.

Again, according to SEO experts, with the Broken Links inside a website or blog, will result in bad effects. Therefore, you have to monitor the presence of the links inside your website or blog. If you find a broken link, you should soon fix it by replacing with the new link or changing it into the text.

Now, the problem appears is that how to monitor the presence of the links inside a website or blog while there are so many links available there even in the old posts.

There are many ways to monitor and detect the Broken Links such as using Broken Links Checker or Dead links checker, Link Checker software, or also installing a Link Checker Plugin (for wordpress), etc. Let’s see one by one.

Online Broken Link Checker Tools

There are many websites providing the free services of Broken Links Checker or dead links Checker, such as those from:


You can do it easily, i.e. by only filling out the form available there with your website or blog URL, and then click the “check” button and automatically, the tools will check all the links inside your website or blog. Just see the result.

Broken Links checker Software

If you dislike the online broken links checker, you can then try the software where you have to install it on your computer. Some Broken Links Checker software that you can get for free:

1. Free Link Checker

free link checker

Links Checker Firefox add-ons

For those who are Firefox fans can use the links checker add-on.

1. LinkChecker

With the Link Checker add-ons, we can check the status of links in our websites, whether they are still active, redirected, or broken. However, the website checked is only the website you are opening. You can distinguish among the links, whether broken, redirected, or active by the link colors. If you just want to check a link in a webpage you are opening, you can right click on the link and then choose “Check Page Links”.

If it is broken, it will be highlighted as red.

highlight broken link

From the analysis, the broken links are most available in comment box of the old posts.

2. Pinger

The Pinger Add-ons works similarly with LinkChecker add-ons.

Broken Link Checker Wordpress Plugin

Well, for or wordpress self hosted, the Broken Link Checker plugin can be the alternative to overcome the broken links.

Broken link Checker plugin will always monitor the status of all links available in your wordpress blog or website and you will get the report directly on dashboard. If there is a broken link, the plugin will give you options whether you want to remove it or change it to text.

broken links plugin

Online Broken Links Monitor

In addition the above ways, there is also an alternative, i.e. with Online broken Links monitor. The basic principle, is that the website of online broken links monitor provider will regularly monitor and check the presence of links in our website or blog. Then they will send you reports to your email that we have mentioned when first registration. The following may be the interesting services:

1. Link Tiger

linktiger Basically, Link Tiger is a paid online broken links monitor. But there is also a free option with a consequence, not a better service.

The free service of Link Tiger only allows one website or blog registered to get an online monitor in an account. In addition, the number of links to monitor is limited to 1000 links, so if more than 1000 links in your website or blog, the links will not be checked. The result of scanned website links will be emailed regularly to you.


If you have got the check result, you should follow up soon and fix them top avoid the worse effects.

2. Link Alarm

Link_Alarm Link alarm is the service similar to Link Tiger. Basically, this is a paid service, but there is a free service too. For the free service, it is limited to only one website for one account in Link Alarm.

However, the number of links to be checked is limited up to 100 links. It’s different from Link Tiger that checks up to 1000 links.

link alarm_ report

In addition to the above services, there are still many other services to check the broken links. Which one you would like most, just use it.


If I can make a summary for above writing, I hope below will meet your requirements.

  1. Never let your website or blog have the broken links, because those links can make your website or blog have the worse condition upon the Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  2. There are many ways to check the broken links you can do, but the one at your interests is to use.
  3. If you have found a broken link in your website or blog, just fix it as soon as possible so your website or blog will always be clean or free of broken link.
Do you have another alternative to analyze the presence of broken links? Please share it here.

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