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How To Start Blog on Blogger

How To Start Blog on Blogger

how to start a blog
How To Start Blog on Blogger - What is Blog? Blog is short for "Web log", which is a a web application containing note or writing that are usually called "post" and displaying on the web pages. The posts are often displayed orderly based on the age or based on the time when the writing is written and published, so when you view a blog, you will first find the latest posts, top to bottom of the web page and the first to the last page, if the blog has had more than one web page.

For the first time, blog was created as the online private notes, but along with its development and popularity, blog has various types of contents or writings such as tutorial (e.g. this blog), sharing, business, etc. In general, blogs seem not to have the difference with the sites on the Internet.

The blog platform or used to be called blog machine has been created in such a way by blog designers or developers in order to be user friendly, so the knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, etc that was a must to create a web application, now with blog, everything is so easy as 1, 2, 3.

How To Start Blog on Blogger

One of the free blog providers that is quite popular today is blogspot or blogger, where you have to register through and you get the domain name as sub domain of blogspot, e.g.
Why should you create blog in, not in other free blog providers? Actually, there is no “should”, but has more advantages than other providers do. One of the advantages is the easiness in operating so that is good for the beginners. Other advantages are the freedom in editing and replacing the templates to make the best display, custom domain which means that you can replace the domain with your own but with the blogspot hosting, e.g. can be changed into, but still in the same hosting, i.e. the free blogspot hosting.

It should be emphasized from the beginning that the Internet is highly dynamic, so it is very possible that this practical guide to create blog in blogspot will not be relevant anymore as changes occurring, whether to the platform, coding, or anything else that you see right now in

To reduce something unneeded to write, below is how to create blog in

Creating a Gmail Account

If you already have a gmail account, you just create a blog on blogger / blogspot. However, if you do not already have a gmail account, please read the tutorial of how to create a gmail account.

Create a blog on blogger

  • Please visit
  • Once you are on blogger page, turn your attention to the bottom right of the screen. Change language to the language you use, for example: English

    blogger language

  • Once the display language is changed according to your choice, proceed to login using your gmail account.

    gmail login

  • After login, click the Continue to Blogger

    continue to blogger

  • Then click New Blog

    create new blog

  • Fill out the form. Title: Fill out the blog title that you want. Address: fill out the blog address that you want, remember! A blog address is very important and can not be changed again in the future. Template: select a template that you like (this can be changed back). Then click the Create blog!

    create new blog

  • Your blog has been created. Click Start Posting to create a first post. Please create your post.

    start posting on blogger

  • Click Publish.

    publish a post
  • Done

That’s blogger tutorial about How To Start Blog on Blogger, may be useful to you.

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